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Wakilur Rahman
Christinenstr. 22
10119 Berlin, Germany
Tel. +49 (0)30 - 4494982

Isländische Str. 2B
10439 Berlin, Prenzlauerberg

4/1 Lalmatia Liberty
3/8 Kazi Nazrul Islam Road
Lalmatia, Dhaka, Bangladesh


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Counter Space
Vertical (line), 22-piece, each 42 x 59 cm, mixed media on paper, 2003
Untitled (yellow), 6-piece, each 40 x 60 cm, acrylic on paper and canvas, 2003

"Thoughts", on the left
This is a unique ‘silent-theatre’, performed in the spectators’ inner self, with sketches of light and shade, colour and colourlessness and space. Only someone skilled in graphic design, a thoughtful artist and someone self-confident can do this.
This installation seems to have been created by a ‘space sculptor’. The work of art combines post-modern thought, light and shade, colour and monochrome, spatial relations.

Wakil’s main focus is two dimensional, but with his script repetitions it moves into the third dimension in the gallery, leaving us searching for the fourth dimension. The observer himself becomes an element of the installation. One finds oneself searching for the roots, the influences that led to this work; white cubism, space design, stage design, Corbusier’s modular concept (his 59 cm x 42 cm) or perhaps arising from Picasso’s cubism or Miesian Minimalism as distant influences, combined with his own intellectual exercises. Combined together they have given birth to a completely new art form.

Critical thought
But it would be even fulfilled, like the endlessness of short stories, if the artist would combine music with his installation.

"Influence", on the right
(Or can be termed as ‘Reactionary Thought’), didn’t realize before that one can just think and execute an art exhibition out of it.

'Counter Space' is a unique presentation by the artist, Wakilur Rahman. Seeing this exhibition in the Chitrak Gallery in Dhanmondi, I was inspired by my impulsive self to write this spontaneous criticism, which could be called ‘Counter Thought’.

Bikash Saud Ansari, architect, Bangladesh